Katie Thomas Eats Cum Off Her Toes

Katie Thomas fucks Julias

Here’s one for all you foot fetishists out there…this Katie Thomas interracial porn video starts off with hot little Katie Thomas showing off her flexibility as she sucks her own toes…she even puts toes from both feet in her mouth at once and slurps and licks! From there, they bring in Katie’s favorite thing to suck: big black dick! She gives Julias an awesome, wet blowjob and then strips down and lets him impale her tight twat with his huge chocolate pole. Listen to Katie Thomas whimper and moan as she takes this huge black dick balls deep. After Julias has pounded her sweet pussy, Katie Thomas gets back on her knees to take a big load of black cum all over her smiling face and cute pink tongue. Then she drools the guys thick jizz all over the floor, rubs her toes in it and sucks it off!

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